LCSW Supervision

Currently Alyssa is not accepting new supervisees until 2023. Feel free to reach out if you need help with understanding the supervision process, referrals to other supervisors, or would like to discuss starting supervision in 2023. 

Alyssa is a board approved supervisor for social work in the state of Texas. She provides individual and small group supervision to current LMSWs wishing to obtain their LCSW or LMSW-AP license through the Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners.


Where do supervision meetings occur?

Due to the mobile nature of Alyssa’s clinical practice, Alyssa does not have a practice office for supervision sessions, therefore two options are available:

A) Supervision may occur at a designated location at the Supervisee’s work location (i.e. Alyssa travels to the Supervisee). The space used must be private and provide confidentiality. It must also be available for 2, uninterrupted, consecutive hours every other week and be located in Frisco.

B) Alyssa has designated office space within her home that can be used for supervision sessions (i.e. the Supervisee travels to Alyssa). She has a large dog that likes to lay in the office and greet Supervisees, and a cat that roams the house, so please consider how comfortable you are with dogs and cats before choosing this option. Because these sessions are at Alyssa’s home address, a very high degree of professionalism and confidentiality is expected from Supervisees.

Some in person supervision in combination with supervision via teletherapy may also be an option. Please contact Alyssa to discuss.

What are the supervision sessions like?

Supervision sessions occur every other week for 2 hours each session. Initially sessions will focus on the Supervisee presenting the cases they are working on and receiving feedback, insight and guidance on how to provide the highest level of care to clients. Issues relating to ethics, workplace concerns and standards of care will come up during your time in practice and will be discussed during supervision. Supervision is a collaborative experience and includes building a professional relationship with you supervisor to increase confidence in your own practice skills. You will work with Alyssa throughout your time in supervision to develop and achieve goals for your supervisory sessions.

What about group supervision?

Due to the intense learning about one’s own self, both professionally and personally, that occurs during this process, Alyssa recommends that supervision occur individually to get the most out of the supervision experience. Alyssa will consider small-group supervision of no more than 3 supervisees at the same time with similar work experience. If this small group option is pursued, 1 hour of the 4 hour minimum monthly supervision sessions, will be conducted individually.

What are the fees?

It is $60 per individual supervision hour and $50 per group supervision hour. An invoice will be provided at the end of each month. Payment via check is expected at the end of each month of supervision.

How long will I be in supervision?

The TSBSWE requires a minimum of 100 hours of supervision over at least a 24 month (3,000 clinical hour) period before you can submit paperwork and sit for the LCSW exam. Supervision and the accumulation of clinical hours must occur for the duration of the 24 month minimum period and for no longer than 48 months.

Can I work in Alyssa’s practice to gain clinical hours?

No. Alyssa does not refer clients to supervisees or offer “on-site” supervision for LMSWs under Whole Home Counseling. Alyssa is considered an “off-site” supervisor for all Supervisees. Per TSBSWE requirements, the supervisee will need to provide a letter from their current job or agency director granting approval for the Supervisee to obtain off-site supervision from Alyssa. This letter will be submitted with the Clinical Supervision Plan. The Clinical Supervision Plan will be completed with Alyssa at the first supervision session.

Ok, I’m interested in supervision for my LCSW/LMSW-AP, now what?

First, review the board website for the requirements, necessary paperwork, and timeline for completing supervision here. Alyssa will complete the Clinical Supervision Plan with you at the first supervision session.

Next, contact Alyssa using the contact form, or by calling 469-600-7919. Alyssa will discuss your current job and supervision expectations with you to decide if it would be a good fit. We will discuss the “clinical content” of your job and make recommendations. Even if you have a “non-clinical” job,  many are able to work towards licensure with a supplemental plan.